NewYorkMagazine_logoThis year Poof Pastry was featured in New York Magazine’s Wedding Issue.  That’s our Four-Layer Salted Caramel & Chocolate cake on the left.  We are always honored to be part of someone’s big day.


(That’s us on the left)

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 10.12.46 PM

Now This News is a big friend of the Poof Pastry family.  They have asked us to create some super awesome treats to share with their fans.  And you know what goes great with your evening dessert news?  A cupcake.  Or a cake pop.  No wait, a carrot cake would be even more awesome.

Introducing the Turducken of Desserts

shapeimage_9Have you ever met a turducken?  It’s a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey.  Nope, we hadn’t either.  Now This News sent Katie Quinn over to meet with Poof Pastry’s Head Baker to see if he was up to the holiday challenge of creating a Dessert Turducken.  Check out the video to see what happened.

The Ultimate Christmas Cookie

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 10.19.27 PM

Everyone has their own family traditions around the holidays, but what happens when Poof Pastry combines all of them in to one delicious cookie?  Imagine a world where fruitcake, gingerbread and eggnog all live together under a rum glaze.  Happy Holidays to you and all of yours!

The Oscar for Best Academy Awards Desserts…

droppedImageRed Carpet season is a huge deal around Poof Pastry.  Now This News came over to see what we were serving for our friends.  Make sure you check out the Silver Linings Playbook Cupcakes (complete with silver liners).