Do you deliver?

Yes.  We are based in Long Island City and can bring your Poof Pastry order anywhere in the NYC area.

Delivery Fees

Queens–$20, but if you live in Long Island City–FREE




Other–We’ll provide you a quote

I live in Canada.  Do you ship?

No.  Right now you have to live in the NYC area to enjoy the awesome treats at Poof Pastry.  Next time you’re in town, please let us know.  We’d love to bring treats to your hotel.

What flavors do you have?

Here are the flavors we have created as of today.  We’re open to suggestions, recommendations and making dreams come true.

I have a party this weekend.  Can you help me out?

We’d certainly love to try.  Most of the time we need about 48 hours to produce an order after you have made all of your final decisions.  Depending on busy seasons (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Kindergarten Graduation) we may not be able to accommodate last minute requests.

How much cake do I need?

The below recommendations are based on average serving sizes.  If you have big cake lovers you might want to order a little more.  If your guests are used to dainty-sized pieces of cake, order the below and then have a little left over for the next day.

Cake Size                                        Servings                                 Pricing

9″ round two-layer cake            16                                            starting at $65.

9″X13″ two-layer cake                24                                            starting at $90.

12″X18″ two-layer cake              54                                            starting at $120.

What’s your favorite dessert?

We get this a lot.  Right now our favorite cake is the Four-Layer Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cake.